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When I was five years old, I bit my dentist. He did all the right things in attempting to console me, but nothing could save the poor man from my chompers clamping down (AND FAST) onto his fingers.

Fast forward: I am now the Head Dental Assistant here at Logan Dental Care. I work with a diverse range of patients from small children to the elderly, and I’ve realized, I’m not the only one who has wanted to take a chunk out of a dentist’s finger at one point.All jokes aside, I absolutely love my profession. I have been dental assisting for five years now. Each day brings a whole new appreciation for what I do. And why, you ask? I have felt that sweaty-palmed fear of sitting in a dental chair, and when I tell my patients, “Trust me, it’s different when I’m in that chair!” I mean it! I understand dental anxiety, whole-heartedly. The world is a funny place! And yes, I have received my payback with each accidental, or purposeful, bite from a nervous patient.

Logan Dental Care is a step above the rest in caring for our patients, because we see you as our sibling, our friend, our parent, our teammate, etc. Here, we work together to make sure that being at the dental office truly isn’t THAT bad, and we all develop a unique relationship with our patients.

Come on in and see us for an exam, an emergency, a routine cleaning, or any of your dental needs!

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Superior dental care for the whole community in Bellefontaine, Ohio! Feel confident coming to Logan Dental Care where most of our dental hygienists have over 30 years of experience.

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