I have enjoyed my career as a dental hygienist for 32 years now. I have never regretted going into this field. I find it interesting and ever changing.

I strive to be gentle, yet thorough. I take pleasure in seeing my job as not just “cleaning teeth”, but as considering the whole wellbeing of each patient. We can tell so much about you from your oral health. My goal has always been to care for you as an individual with specific needs and desires. I am thrilled to be here at Logan Dental because this team all feels that way about each patient we serve. I have been happily married to Tim for 35 years. We have three children and a delightful little granddaughter. I live on a farm where I love raising piggies, golden retrievers, and Boer goats. And in my spare time, I find joy in riding my horse, Pepper. I truly look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Logan Dental.

About Us

Superior dental care for the whole community in Bellefontaine, Ohio! Feel confident coming to Logan Dental Care where most of our dental hygienists have over 30 years of experience.